How I tested my nutritional method designed to help people achieve weight loss quickly, affordably and healthily.

  • By Gareth Lockwood

How I tested my nutritional method designed to help people achieve weight loss quickly, affordably and healthily.

Why was this study carried out?

My #1 favourite thing about being in the health & fitness industry is the opportunity to make a positive impact on society - helping to improve lives and inspire change.  I wanted to test and ensure that my method can provide the best possible service to anyone who wants to transform their body.

What was I testing?

In the absence of a proven, sustainable and standardised method designed specifically for our society to lose weight immediately, affordably and safely with a 100% success rate with no exercise necessary, I decided to tailor this towards that aim.  

I asked a diverse group of 14 people to help me test the method that I‘d created.

The method included:

  • A personalisation questionnaire
  • A 6 week plan, split into 3 phases
  • A handbook packed with information, techniques and ideas
  • Personalised and achievable goals every week or fortnight dependant on the individual
  • Hands-on tips, guidance and live-chat support over the 6 week period
  • Weekly online check-ins, weigh-ins and measurements

The test checked the following:

  • Guaranteed weight loss from following the method
  • Comprehension of key information in the handbook
  • High quality of support and service
  • A comfortable, non-restrictive experience


    What did I find?

    I’m delighted to report that all participants in the group enjoyed significant weight loss (127 lbs collectively), with 5 of them reaching their goal weight!

    Overall, they thought the service was friendly and supportive, and the information was clear and covered everything they wanted to know.  They also made a few suggestions of changes, such as explaining some of the meal planning in more detail.

    Generally, the participants found the experience to be achievable, non-restrictive and enjoyable, with 11 out of 14 people still enjoying the plan after the trial had finished.  While the remaining 3 people wouldn’t use the method in the long-term, they still enjoyed significant weight loss over the weeks that they completed.

    Stay tuned into my social channels for further details of the findings over the coming weeks!

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