Take-away alternatives to keep in your freezer

  • By Gareth Lockwood

Take-away alternatives to keep in your freezer

We all have them. Those tough days at work, staying late, getting home late, you deserve to order a takeaway, right?  Donʼt do it!!!!! 

Keeping healthier oven food in stock can intercept these moments of weakness. Itʼs just what your body and mind needs after a long slog and can avoid you filing your week under “write-off” and starting all over again next Monday! Take that £20 youʼd spend on pizza or Chinese and invest it into your freezer!!


There are over 2000 calories in a Dominos pizza (without toppings) whereas a frozen pizza comes in around 800.  It's a no-brainer for those Friday night beer, pizza + movie combos.

Beetroot & Feta Veggie Sausages

Try with some coriander microwave rice, salad, roast mushrooms and a splash of natural yoghurt on top for a healthy go-to meal thatʼs under 500 calories.

Fish fingers

Grill with mushrooms and tomatoes and serve with new potatoes or wholegrain rice. (Remember portion control!) Yum.

Garlic bread

You can't beat the smell of garlic bread cooking through the house!  Serve up alongside a wholesome soup, 10 minutes to tasty.

Chilli Bean Burgers

Bake in the oven and enjoy with sweet potato mash and tender stem broccoli. Tip: turn off the oven once they are done and put a slice of cheese on top, leave for 2 minutes.. youʼre welcome ;)


Throw a handful of veggies into a ziplock bag after a fresh food shop to keep in your freezer. Drizzle with olive oil and roast for 30 - 40 minutes. Serve wrapped in a warm wholemeal tortilla with a spoonful of natural yoghurt and some wholegrain rice. Add some fried eggs for a tasty protein topping.

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