Weekend Breakfast Brunch Bowls

  • By Gareth Lockwood

Weekend Breakfast Brunch Bowls

There's nothing better than a wicked brunch bowl at the weekend when you've been craving that breakfast hit all week!  Healthy, sweet, wholesome and filling it's totally worth the wait.  

Accomplishment = 100% Rewarded.  

Here's two takes on this fruity delight.

The light version: enjoy on it's own with a generous helping of toppings or pair with a salad.

You’ll need:

Frozen Cherries - 80g - 50cals
Greek Yoghurt - 100ml - 124cals
Splash of water

Blend 1 tablespoon of the yoghurt with the frozen cherries. Add a splash of water to help it blend, not too much to keep a thick consistency.

Scoop into a bowl and top with the remaining yoghurt.

Toppings (optional)

We used:
Marks & Spencer Toasted Marcona Almonds (partly chopped) - 25g - 157cals
Frozen Raspberries - 10 - 10cals
Desiccated Coconut - 2g - 10cals
Strawberries - 10g - 3cals
Flaxseed - small pinch - less than 5cals
Poppy Seeds - small pinch - less than 5 cals


The deluxe version: Same as above, served with honey soaked chia & oats.  Packed with protein, this is a healthy and natural way to get more calories.

You'll need:

Oats - 50g -
Greek Yoghurt - 100g -
Chia Seeds - 10g -
Milk - 100ml -
(We use rice milk but any milk dairy/non-dairy is fine)

Mix together in a bowl and leave in fridge for minimum 2 hours.




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