What is rhythms & patterns

  • By Gareth Lockwood

What is rhythms & patterns

This is the question that I am asked most often!  What IS Rhythms & Patterns?!  If you’ve seen me posting weight loss results or talking about it on social media, you might be unsure about what it is and how it started. That’s why I’m going to explain all of that to you in this blog post.

So, what is Rhythms & Patterns?

Rhythms & Patterns first started as a weight loss and rehab program for my wife Naomi who was struggling with painful and debilitating symptoms caused from endometriosis and a lower back injury.  In the absence of a proven, sustainable and standardised method designed specifically for our society to lose weight immediately, affordably and safely with a 100% success rate with no exercise necessary, I decided to tailor it towards that aim.

The method now has a substantial amount of followers - both men & women of all shapes, sizes and ages - with a 100% weight loss success rate.  

Starting with a questionnaire, the method is tailored to participants through personalised and achievable goals, hands-on tips and a progress / support system over a 6 week period.  The handbook is packed with information, techniques and ideas that will transform your body and educate you, setting you up to sustain and further your results throughout your life.

Rhythms & Patterns is an ideal way to fuel your body and achieve your goals in a modern, busy and fast-paced lifestyle.  It contains no recipes, no extreme calorie reduction, no cutting out food groups and no detoxes. Instead, it walks you through the fundamentals of running your body the right way.  

Does it work for everyone, or just a handful of people?

Diet is now more important than ever, with 1.9 billion people overweight worldwide.  Today we want an immediate and affordable way of losing weight, balancing nutrition and managing food intake.  This method meets those needs and provides solid advice on ‘what you’re eating’, ‘how much you’re eating’ and ‘when you’re eating it’, which can be applied to all dietary preferences, whether that be meat, pescaterian, vegetarian or vegan.  After running this method on a diverse group of men and women ranging from ages 21 - 65 and weights ranging from 8 stone to 19 stone, they experienced similar results across a broad range of diets and lifestyles.

Why are there no recipes or meal plans?

Culture, lifestyle, weight, occupation, health, income, dietary preferences - there are so many factors that contribute to eliminating the “one size fits all” mindset when it comes to diet. Whilst I recommend a healthy, nutritious diet and provide recipes on my website and social media, Rhythms & Patterns is a long-term approach to eating that transcends meal plans. 


Why do people lose so much weight on it?

Before I tailor each plan, I learn about each participants health, goals and lifestyle so I can give them the perfect amount of calories and advice.  I always make sure I give participants 2 calorie benchmarks: a realistic ‘lose’ weight that’s relative to them and not too restrictive, and a ‘maintain’ weight so they can have that to fall back on if they need a day off where they can enjoy themselves whilst knowing they’re not going to gain any weight back.  With live chat, weekly online check-ins and measurements and updated goals, each person gets the right support and encouragement to achieve their very best.


Do I have to exercise?

Whilst exercise accelerates the results and is an integral part of staying fit and healthy, Rhythms & Patterns is an educational piece that enables you to control your weight through diet alone.  Which is why I offer two editions.  

The first edition is diet only and caters for anyone who is not looking for a workout regime or perhaps has their own.  It does suggest a small amount of daily movement but is entirely optional. 

The second includes a collection of online workouts and will be available to purchase later this year. 

Please note: I encourage all my clients to take a break from any training for the first two weeks to adjust to their new rhythms & patterns.


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